MUR Golden Sugar Reviewed & Swatched, Plus my Week in pictures!


I’ve had an absolutely stunning weekend, Saturday morning I got my beauty parcel from Make-Up Revolution and the highlight was Golden Sugar Palette.  I’ve been after this collection of bronzers, highlighting blushers and shimmers for a while and 3 drugstores I went to had sold out of it, so it must be popular!  A professional complexion enhancer without the make-up artist price tag!  Complimented on how good my face looked over the weekend, friends and family couldn’t believe my latest beauty purchase was only £6!

To top the weekend off my sister invited me to see a local band in concert, tonight The Freewheelin’ Band (fronted by my sister’s friend’s dad) were playing a benefit gig to raise money for the charity Breast Cancer Now. ( I’d never seen this band play before but they are extremely talented and their rendition of Bad Moon Rising by Creedance Clearwater Revival was so good, I’ve seen stadium rock and pop bands like U2 and Oasis, local talents at small venues can ooze just as much rock n’ roll appeal, and I can’t think of a cooler way to support such an important charity!

And this, my friends, is what some have cruelly called the worst tourist attraction in Britain, the DYEye in Dudley.  It’s a Ferris wheel that goes up 115 foot in the air to offer riders panoramic views of Dudley.  Many people have welcomed the big wheel with positive praise saying its a good way to put Dudley on the map, however, others haven’t been so kind and said “we can see grey buildings from the ground; we don’t need a bird’s eye view from a big wheel.”  I haven’t actually taken a ride on it yet but the other day I couldn’t resist a picture.  When there’s not a cloud in the sky this could be anywhere.

Perry is now 6 months old, he’s grown incredibly since he came home in December and loves to come and sleep under the duvet.  Charlie’s been the most tolerant big sister and enjoys a play fight with him from time to time, however, Perry’s playfulness and typical puppy traits really show how ladylike Charlie is in comparison.  I can’t believe she is four in August.

I’m glad we’re well on the way to Spring, I just love this time of year, especially the cotton candy evenings!

And I’ll leave you with Saturday night’s outfit of the day…

The best vintage gems are found off the beaten track, Trisha’s on Blossoms Fold in Wolverhampton do the best vintage military, leather and denim jackets in the city and have some rather interesting t-shirts in stock too, you’re guaranteed to come out of that shop with an absolute gem you won’t see 50,000 other people wearing.  Here’s also an outfit of the day of what I wore tonight!



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