Beauty Tuesday: National Fragrance Day…

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To everyone who loves a good quality perfume, happy National Fragrance Day.  

Your favourite scents evoke such strong memories because your sense of smell connects to the part of your brain that controls memories and emotions. This is why certain fragrances will often remind you of certain places, times in your life or memorable events. 
Personally, I have a few fragrances that evoke memories of certain points in my life, some of which have been sadly discontinued or are very hard to find.  

Teen Memories…

Valentino’s Rock n’ Rose was a favourite during my late teens, it reminds me of my favourite lively bustling city, Dublin, because the last bottle of Rock n’ Rose I bought was from Dublin Airport.
One I Would Go Back To…

Who can resist the warm luscious notes of a floral bouquet…? Lola by Marc Jacobs is that type of scent that’s playful with a flirtatious wink. Lola is one of those perfumes that reminds me of all of the adventures I got up to in my early twenties, doing different interesting jobs and travelling to some amazing places, I remember discovering Lola during this time. It’s not just the scent’s irresistible floral notes that make this, the artfully designed bottle is a beautiful way to liven up any dressing table.

Another One I Would Go Back To…

I couldn’t just pick one for this category. Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf will always evoke memories of Charlie as a tiny puppy, as this was around the time I discovered this wonderful pink grenade. Flowerbomb has a full-bodied mix of sambac jasmine, orchid, rose and patchouli that to me have always given me the impression that this is what the most magical secret garden would smell like if I was to stand in it. 

One I Wear Everyday…

I absolutely love Ghost the Fragrance. Even though it’s notes of Ambrette, Rose and white flowers work together in Ghost to convey this enticing feminine fragrance, Ghost remains a modern classic which is understated enough for everyday.  

My Recent Discovery…

I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on night fragrances lately and Midnight Heat from Beyoncé’s perfume range was one that was of particular interest. I was mainly attracted by the gradual lilac to blue purple bottle which gives a sensual introduction to what I expected this to smell like. Purple orchid and a velvety aroma make Midnight Heat the ideal captivating aromatic fragrance to wear at night.  


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