Make-up Monday…

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Get your unicorn glow on! Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Liquid Lipsticks are the best and one of the only metallic yet matte liquid lipsticks on the market. Long lasting and in a variety of irresistible, mermaid-esque hues, you’ll want to own them all! To find out more about these iridescent pout wonders, take a mystery tour to Lime Crime’s website:


Nails Inc’s latest shade collection features two colour flip, multichrome shades, the sort of oil-slick effect nail colours that can magically look different colours in different lights or at different angles. Get your talons lit here:



Mermaid style and unicorn horn make-up brushes have sent many beauty addicts into an online buying frenzy for these mythical make-up tools.  One of the brands to embrace all things ethereal and enchanting is Tarte, with their unicorn inspired, metallic handled make-up brush set. Unleash your inner unicorn at


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