Make-up Monday…

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There are several new beauty launches for summer 2017, and you won’t be able to resist their spellbinding appeal!

I would just love a set of metallic, gradient mermaid or unicorn make-up brushes. There are a lot of brands bringing out their own versions of mermaid tail brushes or pearly finished ones that resemble a unicorn’s horn.

A fan of Hoola bronzer, I am excited Benefit have bought out Hoola Lite, if you’re fair skinned and have a job achieving a natural tan on your face, Hoola Lite is the bronzer that guarantees a healthy natural looking glow for pale complexions.

Something fairly new is Anese Gotta Peace Out Hair & Body Elixir. This is a genius multi-use formation that is enriched with natural Glycerin, Aloe Vera and coconut Neroli water which boasts a plethora of benefits for hair and skin. Mist some Gotta Peace Out over your hair to refresh your mane and add hydration or spritz some onto your face before applying your make-up to minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines and to ensure a dewy look.   

I’m a sucker for a good highlighter, Stila’s Heaven’s Hue delivers instant radiance with a unique texture and a barely there feel. Transcendence boasts opalescent pink glimmer for the most ethereal glow.

Stila’s magic making doesn’t stop there… they’ve compiled Matte n’ Metal; your most loved neutral eyeshadow hues in one stunning palette! There’s not one shade in this irresistible collection of velvety mattes and sparkling shimmers that wouldn’t be worn.

There are tons of rainbow highlighters about at the minute, Tarte’s multicoloured highlighter packs plenty of pearly magic to get your strobing game on point!

I love Too Faced Melted liquid lipsticks, especially the metal shades, my favourite has to be Debutante, a coral toned pink with loads of shimmer.


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