Rare Accessory Alert!

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I have a feeling Chanel only made a few of these rare evening cross body beauties, as they aren’t as commonly seen on the style circuit as the 2.55, Le Boy or Reissue bags. Some of these come in an unexpected shape and design that doesn’t follow the classic crowd, they’re the type of bag you would wear if you didn’t want to blend in, but instead be more of an isolated incident with your individual style.

Known for their timeless luxurious quilted designs that never date, Chanel are also good at thinking outside the box when it comes to their unique clutch bags.  Fans of their make up compacts may recognise the compact powder shaped Minaudière bags, which come in black or white. 

The classic compact is just one of many shapes they have succeeded in experimenting with.  

The cassette tape has to be my favourite – glossy, boxy and sturdy to hold all of your evening essentials, whilst retaining its daintiness and rock n’ roll edge.  This definitely is on my rock chick accessory bucket list!

No5 is undoubtedly one of Coco Chanel’s most successful holy grail fragrances, loved by millions of women worldwide, so it made perfect sense for them to release a clutch based on that signature bottle shape. 

The Resort 2017 must have box clutch packs somewhat of an earthy vintage vibe to it that looks as though it has been inspired by a luxury cigar box, if the medallions and references to Cuba and Paris are anything to go by.  You can’t help but notice the centrepiece, the unmistakable cameo of Coco Chanel herself.


The Quilt Bag: Quite The Thing!

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Scores of people dream for years of one day owning the classic 2.55 quilt bag that has made Chanel popular amongst many socialites, actresses and royals.     
   Everyone from Victoria Beckham to Kim Kardashian to Rachel Bilson have been spotted toting their classic flaps and 2.55 reissue bags. The reissues, it seems, are just as popular as the classic flaps; the difference is the rectangular clasp and absence of leather through the chain links.  

Chain straps and quilted leather are so synonymous with the idea of the designer bag and Chanel’s 2.55 could be even more recognised globally than the illustrious handbag holy grail, the Hermes Birkin. 


Because many fellow designers and high-street brands have been inspired by Chanel’s classic flap, everyone from Marc Jacobs to Urban Outfitters have been accused of stealing design ideas from Chanel’s signature bag, for good reason, too; it’s timeless, iconic and as relevant to  customers today as it was in the 50s.  


More and more women want to own the classic flap bag, so the more and more versions Chanel fires out.  In addition to the reissue and the Boy bag, they produce heavily themed and visually specific collections every year. There’s a flap for everyone, whether you’re the girly girl after pretty pink and pastels or a grunge goddess; if you think all Chanel are famous for is black leather, think again.  There are now more colours, sizes and finishes available than ever before.  Metallics also played a part in the reissue collection.

As the stars prove, these bags can be dressed up or down : whether you’re stepping out to a dinner party or doing the school run in your casuals, this is an investment that’ll work with anything in your wardrobe.  They look effortlessly chic if you’re wearing your favourite skinnies, biker jacket and t-shirt ensemble.  

If you don’t want to pay full price for the bag you want, the good news is that it’s fairly easy to stumble upon a pre-loved vintage gem in good condition for a friendlier price.  It helps if there is a vintage shop or high-end consignment store in your area, failing that, online specialists such as Heritage Auctions and What Goes Around Comes Around at ShopBop are worth a rummage.  


There’s always something about Chanel that feels special no matter what.  Being thought of as the best of the best in the fashion world makes owning Chanel items one of the top style aspirations many fashion lovers have.