What I’m loving Wednesday…

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I discovered Too Faced Melted Metal liquid lipsticks the other day and couldn’t be happier with the formula and shade variety.

The 90’s foiled statement pout has made a comeback in the form of lustrous liquified metal.

Melted Metal is a multi faceted lip colour like you’ve never seen before.  It’s velvet smooth applicator makes light work of gliding on creamy metallic shine  that coats lips in fresh bursts of glazed colour without the sticky, heavy feel of similar liquid lipsticks.  

Debutante (far left) has to be my favourite shade.  A neutral peach that isn’t as coral-y on as it looks in the tube.  

Microbead Ban: The End Of Scrubbing As We Know It?

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In the latest of news stories about the environment, pollution and nature, MP’s in the UK have recently proposed a ban on microbeads found in numerous beauty products you probably use religiously in the morning and at night.  If you’ve always used a certain face exfoliator or toothpaste made with these tiny little scrubbing balls in you’re probably contemplating the ban on the beads and wondering if your products will scrub as good without them.


The proposed ban probably won’t wash well with many beauty addicts but a typical squeeze of face scrub can release tens of thousands of tiny particles of plastic into our sewers, rivers and oceans, where they are being eaten by a menagerie of sea creatures.  It’s thought they can pollute the whole food chain and even end up back on our plates.  It’s a scary thought but people who eat shellfish and similar could also be consuming 11,000 tiny particles of plastic per year. Let’s not forget the damage to all of the unfortunate marine animals who unwittingly eat them too…


It’s not just facial exfoliators that contain these tiny balls designed to scrub away dead skin cells and dirt.  Microbeads have been a key ingredient in many shower gels, body polishes and toothpastes for many years.  Any product designed to slough away dead skin is highly likely to contain them, even if they’re from brands that are thought to be cruelty free.  Canada has already enforced the microbead ban currently being proposed here for the same reason.

Let’s face it, we’re a nation obsessed with our appearance and billions of pounds is spent on beauty products and cosmetics alone every year.  When we’re using our face scrub or toothpaste in the morning, however, we rarely think of the long lasting effect their ingredients will have on the environment around us.  Greenpeace have the best philosophy when it comes to considering the effect on sea life and that’s simply the belief that something that’s used for a few minutes every day shouldn’t stick around in the environment for many decades.  The plastics used to make these tiny microbeads are a man made substance and do not degrade very easily.  Some common products that contain obvious plastic microbeads are in the spot-busting Clean & Clear range, if you’re a fan of this brand you may want to stock up on plenty of Morning Energy face scrub before the government pulls the plug on it’s exfoliating microbeads.  If and when the ban does go ahead, I’m sure plenty of environmentally friendly alternatives and DIY solutions will replace the hole in the exfoliating market, so don’t despair!






Top 5 Travel Beauty

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Being as I’m about to embark on a weekend away, I thought I would share with you some essential tips on travelling light.  It’s not easy to do when you think about all of the things you can’t leave the house without, but one of the things I think is genius is swapping your generic 100-200ml product bottles for their mini me’s!

MUR Iconic Pro 2: Swatch Party & Review!

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I know I am not the only blogger to constantly sing the praises of The Make-Up Revolution.  They pack the premium qualities of the most prestigious make-up products on the market, in fact, everything about their sell-out palettes is premium but the price.  I’ve picked up some of their bestsellers from Superdrug and I’ve also been click happy on their website!  My review on the Iconic Pro 2 palette makes it easy to see why this brand is a firm favourite amongst bloggers, make-up pros and general beauty addicts!




It’s comparison to LORAC’s Pro 2 palette is bang on in terms of colours, however, it’s £6.99 dupe scores 1 or 2 points more in terms of overall impression because it has the professional brush and larger mirror the LORAC one doesn’t have.


Most bargain palettes offer a sponge applicator I’d discard within a day in favour of a professional brush, well done MUR for taking note.  The fluffy end is ideal for base coverage all over the eyelid and the flat end is ideal for creating a look of definition.  The brush performs just as well as some of my Real Techniques and Lottie London eye brushes.


This palette’s packaging is the type of sleek finish you’d expect to see from a backstage make-up artist and sturdy enough to hold a large mirror running the entire inside of the lid.  While not as decorative as some of it’s pricier counterparts, it’s professional presentation and performance as a versatile make-up product can’t be faulted.

Most of the bloggers I have been watching on YouTube of late have joined the Revolution and now, like me they are amazed with London’s best beauty phenomenon yet!





December/January Fashion & Beauty Favourites!

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Hello again!  Feels like it’s been an age since I last posted an update but if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or my other YouTube channel, Very Vicky, you’ll know I have a new bundle of joy keeping me on my toes!  Perry joined the family over the Christmas period and he’s proving to be a rather playful little boy, into everything and a lively little brother to Charlie.  He’s 13 weeks today and a tri-colour mini Jack Rusell.


I’ve never owned a Jack Russell before and only looked after two for a friend, Perry’s energy knows no bounds and it’s the ultimate JRT trait, according to trusty Dogs 101!

I had a rather peaceful but busy Christmas making sure the puppy didn’t get into anything he shouldn’t like Christmas chocolates, etc but it was a rather memorable one too.

Today I got round to filming a long awaited favourites video for December and January which includes some goodies I got for Christmas plus make up and nail products from brands I love such as Orly and Models Own.  I also discovered the KIKO Cosmetics store that’s just opened at the Merry Hill Centre and I am so happy to finally be trying this terrific Italian brand.  There were KIKO stores across Europe and a recent opening in Birmingham too, but the store at the Merry Hill Centre has all the best of KIKO under one roof!  If you’re yet to try this brand, you’re in for a treat!



Here’s today’s favourites video!

That just leaves me to say my thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and colleagues past and present of David Bowie. I was shocked to hear the news of his passing this morning at age 69.  What a sad loss to the music industry.  Bowie’s music, stage presence and general style will remain a huge inspiration for many bands, artists and all his fans worldwide and I’m sure his legacy will live on.  Sleep well, Starman x



Drugstore Contour vs Simpler Strobing…

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I hope that my latest video will help you make sense of the world’s most intricate beauty trend, contouring.  I’m so fortunate to come across the Chisel Cheeks Contouring palette from Barry M.  Chisel Cheeks makes achieving the perfect sculpted glow as easy as 1,2,3 with a matte trio of highlight and bronze hues for the light and dark parts of your face.

If you’re not contouring, strobing is much simpler than this.  Strobing is highlighting parts of the face that catch the light the easiest with illuminator or highlight powder.  Strobing is lower maintenance and doesn’t involve as many steps as contouring.

I fell in love with strobing this summer and my NARS Illuminator in Silver Factory is a God-send, it delivers instant radiance and promotes that healthy glow.  MAC original Strobe Cream is also a great strobing illuminator so is Benefit High Beam, which has been nicknamed “supermodel in a bottle.”

Be sure to check out my spin-off YouTube channel, this has more snippets of life and cute Charlie and also what I’m up to, etc.  It’s called Very Vicky, here’s the link!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsroiHu4ew0suK63zLIm9CA

The latest video on Very Vicky! https://youtu.be/rcfISOAounY

Outfit of the Day + Essence Cosmetics Mega Haul!

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In today’s video I thought I would share with you lot my absolutely rockin’ ensemble for a perfect autumn 2015 day.  I thought I’d give my River Island leather look Molly jeggings an outing in broad daylight as they’re normally reserved for the evening but they look effortlessly chic for a casual day with a good band or slogan t-shirt.  Moving on to t-shirts, I’ve always wanted a Ramones t-shirt and last week I finally found the Johnny, Joey, Deedee and Tommy tee of my dreams at Primark for £8.  There’s a lot of black in today’s look so I added a pop of colour with my plum skull scarf and burgundy Forever 21 rucksack which packs plenty of grunge fringing.  I’m loving berry, plum and burgundy and they really own the runway and high-street at this time of the year!

I also took the opportunity to tell you about Europe’s No1 cosmetic brand on the market.  There are many reasons why Essence Cosmetics is the top beauty phenomenon on the continent and in the UK.  I’m glad I heard about this brand last year and I think I have reviewed some of their products before.  Think up to the minute eye and lip make-up trends and an effortless salon-quality manicure in your own home, and all starting from one pound!


If you’re nowhere near a Wilko store that stocks Essence goodies, however, just visit http://www.essence.eu.

I hope you’re all enjoying my videos and if you’re on YouTube, feel free to subscribe to my channel for some cool style and beauty bytes like this one!