Summer Nail Spoiler Alert!

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Indulge in all the deliciousness of French patisseries this SS17, without all the calories… oui oui!

You won’t be able to resist six sweet Essie shades that will keep your mouth watering all summer long. 

Inspired by all the glittering confections of the finest Parisian cafes, the S’il Vous Play collection will take you on a whimsical journey through the chic streets of the city of style, decadence and love with soft pastels and a shimmering metallic that is absolutely delectable.

Anything with a Parisian theme or style has always drawn me in, and I know I’m not the only one attracted to the kitsch wanderlust of the city of lights.  Seeing this Essie collection is making me crave macarons, maintenant…

This soft iridescent sugar white will have you licking your lips all the way to the confiserie!

An irresistible lilac cream inspired by the tastiest macarons dans la Rue!

An unforgettable lavender pink foil that will remind you of the most frosty cake icing and the sweet namesake of this collection.  I’ll take the petit gateau avec Glacage Rose s’il vous plait!

Tres fondant of this sparkling apricot marmalade shade!

Romantic rose candy cream that will evoke all the passion of the city of love.

The prettiest pastel Parisian blue that says casual summer all over it!

Vlogmas Festive Nail Favourites!

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Today’s Vlogmas post is all about creating the perfect finishing touch with a sparkly manicure or pedicure. 


Christmas parties and New Year nights out are all about that extra bit of glitz, what better way to add a touch of sparkle than these gems from Nails Inc, Essie and OPI!

The New Globe Walk Snowglobe glitter has to be my current favourite; I was able to choose a free nail colour when I purchased it on the Nails Inc website and Victoria Nailkale was the free shade I chose.  Unfortunately this offer has ended now and I was one of the last customers to take advantage of it.  

I would like to wish all of my YouTube subscribers, viewers, readers and followers of #Fashalia101 the merriest of Christmases and a Happy New Year!

Mani Monday…

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Right now I’m in love with wines and plums, they’re undoubtedly befitting of this time of year.  Zoya Professional Lacquer in Mason is the ultimate shimmery plum.  This is my favourite autumn and winter purple because it’s eering on the fall plum side whilst still being a pop of colour.  

After a short hiatus from glitters I paired Mason with an accent of OPI’s Gaining Mole-Mentum.  This is a gold made up of hundreds and thousands of angular glitter particles from the Muppets Collection.

 If you love Zoya Nail Polishes and no look is complete without a Zoya manicure, why not tag @zoyanailpolish on Instagram or Twitter with a picture of your mani using the hashtag #EverydayZoya.  Zoya feature a lot of them on their website! 

Beauty Tuesday: Essence Haul & Dupe Alert!

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Lately I’ve been collecting various bits and bobs for my next vacation and couldn’t resist a rummage around Dudley’s Wilkinson store.  

Continuing on my mission to downsize my luggage, I was after mini travel bottles, but the main attraction is the much extended Essence Cosmetics stand, my delight at finding the nail polish shades I thought I could only get on their site (, I came away with 3 beauties today.  Essence nail polishes, like the majority of the Easence cosmetics, are priced with the budget-savvy, thrifty fashionista in mind, without compromising on style and trend inches.  At £1.60, The Gel nail polishes come in a bottomless spectrum of shades and finishes, some shades are satin, matte and even “oil-slick.”  It’s hard to choose just one favourite shade!  The two I’m currently loving are Paradise, the Oil-Slick (Essence’s phrase for colour-flipping duochrome) seafoam blue-green which is flooded with a gold pearlescent shimmer.  I’ve never come across a nail colour so beautifully unique! 

Essence The Gel in Paradise, £1.60!

Let’s not forget Girl’s Best Friend, a light sanding of gold micro fine glitter which is intercepted with larger rocks of silver glitter.  Girl’s Best Friend is like a blingy, rocky beach trip for your nails!

Girl’s Best Friend, £1.60, Essence

I can’t help but notice it’s striking resemblance to Essie’s Hors d’Oveures, if you forgot what this one looked like, here’s a blast from the past, winter 2013 to be precise!

Essie Hors d’Oveures, £7.99, part of the Winter 2013 Encrusted Treasures collection.  

Just goes to show more purse-friendly brands like Essence are just as ahead of the beauty and nail trends as the likes of Essie and OPI, who’s polishes are way pricier.  

I couldn’t resist the temptation of spangly Effect nail polish in Hidden Garden, an eclectic party of gold glitter and multi-colour sparkles is just one of many Twinkling Bling Bling glitters, another mould-breaking nail trend, and Essence’s are a reasonable £2.00. 


Party in a bottle! Essence Hidden Garden, £2.00!

Over the last few years, the manicure market has been experiencing a massive creative boom with nail art pens, transfers, gel-polishes, glitter effects and much more, with social media and YouTube turning into the new trend alert magazines.  In 2015, more people now find it economically better to browse a make-up website or watch a tutorial than to buy a glossy magazine, so a budget friendly brand which doesn’t compromise on quality or style miles like Essence is excellent news for the industry, it makes the latest in beauty accessible to a lot more people looking to save a pretty penny!