Summer Nail Spoiler Alert!

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Indulge in all the deliciousness of French patisseries this SS17, without all the calories… oui oui!

You won’t be able to resist six sweet Essie shades that will keep your mouth watering all summer long. 

Inspired by all the glittering confections of the finest Parisian cafes, the S’il Vous Play collection will take you on a whimsical journey through the chic streets of the city of style, decadence and love with soft pastels and a shimmering metallic that is absolutely delectable.

Anything with a Parisian theme or style has always drawn me in, and I know I’m not the only one attracted to the kitsch wanderlust of the city of lights.  Seeing this Essie collection is making me crave macarons, maintenant…

This soft iridescent sugar white will have you licking your lips all the way to the confiserie!

An irresistible lilac cream inspired by the tastiest macarons dans la Rue!

An unforgettable lavender pink foil that will remind you of the most frosty cake icing and the sweet namesake of this collection.  I’ll take the petit gateau avec Glacage Rose s’il vous plait!

Tres fondant of this sparkling apricot marmalade shade!

Romantic rose candy cream that will evoke all the passion of the city of love.

The prettiest pastel Parisian blue that says casual summer all over it!

Mani Monday…

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Essie’s Spring collection this year is beyond stunning.  The colours have that tropical California vibe to them and you’ll want to get them all!

America’s number 1 salon nail brand have called their latest colourful collection Baha Monent, after one of the collection’s namesake shades, which is an enlightening pomegranate toned pink shade perfect for SS17.

Other shades in the collection are On The Roadie, which is a vibrant Kelly green, All The Wave, a sapphire toned indigo blue, Designated DJ, a plum sangria cream, Backseat Besties, a delicate pink plumeria and Excuse Me, Sur, a pale sun-kissed coral mango.

Baha Moment collection colours have already been on sale at larger Boots stores and you can also find the latest shades on Amazon too.  I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these beauties.  Which shades will be your favourites…?

World Autism Awareness Day

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Today, April 2 is worldwide Autism Awareness Day, here’s me lighting it up blue with navy nails & being inspired by one boy breaking from the silence of medicine’s most challenging condition.  

Wearing Essie Midnight Cami with a sparkly accent of Sapphire Skies by Leighton Denny.

Currently trending on Twitter & Instagram, be sure to hashtag your pictures and pledges of support with #WorldAutismAwarenessDay or #WAAD16.

Essie Retro Revival: Classics Comeback for Spring 2016!

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Essie have re-released a six-strong collection of some of their bestselling classic shades to honour the American nail expert’s 35th birthday. There is a shade for everyone in this collection, a glitzy strong colour, a classic silky red, two neutrals and a girly pink with some duo chrome. Personally I’d have added some spice to this clan of classics by including two of my favourites, Sexy Divide (rich, deep satin purple) and Jamaica Me Crazy (Hot Pink/Shimmery Fuchsia), apart from that I’ve always been a big fan of the endless variety offered by Essie and their collections each season, all of which compliment the latest beauty and style trends effortlessly. I love the professional lacquer formula of Essie’s polishes and always found them to dry quicker than that of other brands.

Starry Starry Night is like their similar navy called Midnight Cami or their other navy hue No More Film, but with tiny glitter particles for nighttime glamour reminiscent of a magical sky.  Some sources are saying this shade launched in 1985, but some are saying 1997.  It’s no secret, this shade is a star in its own right, making headlines for years from top nail blogs to tabloid newspapers, bottles of Starry Starry Night change hands on eBay for hundreds of dollars!


Star status indeed!


Birthday suit- one of the neutrals, launched in 1981 and is part of Essie’s original 12 piece line up. 2002 saw the launch of classic Pinot Noir red Life Of The Party and Cabana Bay, a pearly white neutral, was one of the bestsellers of 2005, alongside Sequin Sash which Essie describe as a sheer glittery bronze. Bikini With A Martini, an iridescent pearly pink, is the most recent of the six, it launched in 2006.

I don’t have a particular favourite yet but if I was to pick just 2, I’d go for Bikini With A Martini and Starry Starry Night. Bikini With A Martini is just the epitome of the ultimate frosted pink shade every beauty addict wants in their nail polish collection, whereas Starry Starry night is the perfect combination of a sleek strong colour lit from within by glitter to add an element of sparkle to a sophisticated manicure/pedicure.


Starry Starry Night (left) is the hard to find spangly navy blue everyone wants to own and has had several mentions in worldwide press, while Bikini With A Martini is the perfect pearlescent pink.




If your local drugstores stock plenty of Essie, I hope the much sought after Starry Starry Night is in abundant supply, I will consider myself very lucky if I can get hold of this holy-grail blue!






Happy St Patrick’s Day!


Here’s hoping St Patrick’s day brings you all the luck of the Irish, whether you’re looking for the latest style and beauty must-haves or joining a parade.  If you’re in and around Dublin, why not check out one of my favourite welcoming pubs, The Oliver St John Gogarty on Fleet Street, it’s always jolly with that upbeat Temple Bar atmosphere and traditional Irish music is often played while you enjoy a drink.

February Favourites!

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Today’s been kinda peaceful, filming material for both YouTube channels and chilling with my puppies watching catch up TV.  If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channels, I have a self-titled one which is mostly style and beauty and a more personal one which gives a more candid “behind the scenes” insight into what I’m doing when I’m not blogging.

Self Titled Channel:

Very Vicky Channel:


Charlie, 3 and Perry, 5 months

Sometimes Charlie and Perry like to help their mom and it feels so good to involve two cute megastars!   Perry is now 5 months, he’s grown distinctively since the day we bought him home and has learned to climb up on the beds.  He’s a typical boy puppy and good at running off with shoes!

He was very interested in the making of today’s video, which is all about my favourite hair care, make-up and nail products this month…


Amongst my cosmetic favourites this month was a Bourjois gem that’s been around a good while but I’ve recently gone back to this, having tried it before.  Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation, £10.99 from Boots, has a decent coverage with built-in colour pigment technology.  With Yellow, Mauve and Green pigments, you can say goodbye to those dark circles, that dullness and those red blemishes!  It’s one of the best drugstore foundations I have used.


I’ve also been talking about Pantone colours of the year and Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Polishes in Rose Hip and Blueberry are perfect matches for Rose Quartz and Serenity!  Today I’m wearing Blueberry with a glittery accent of Essence’s On Air! (Top picture).

I hope you’re enjoying watching these videos and subscribe to my channels if you want to see more style and beauty favourites!




December/January Fashion & Beauty Favourites!

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Hello again!  Feels like it’s been an age since I last posted an update but if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or my other YouTube channel, Very Vicky, you’ll know I have a new bundle of joy keeping me on my toes!  Perry joined the family over the Christmas period and he’s proving to be a rather playful little boy, into everything and a lively little brother to Charlie.  He’s 13 weeks today and a tri-colour mini Jack Rusell.


I’ve never owned a Jack Russell before and only looked after two for a friend, Perry’s energy knows no bounds and it’s the ultimate JRT trait, according to trusty Dogs 101!

I had a rather peaceful but busy Christmas making sure the puppy didn’t get into anything he shouldn’t like Christmas chocolates, etc but it was a rather memorable one too.

Today I got round to filming a long awaited favourites video for December and January which includes some goodies I got for Christmas plus make up and nail products from brands I love such as Orly and Models Own.  I also discovered the KIKO Cosmetics store that’s just opened at the Merry Hill Centre and I am so happy to finally be trying this terrific Italian brand.  There were KIKO stores across Europe and a recent opening in Birmingham too, but the store at the Merry Hill Centre has all the best of KIKO under one roof!  If you’re yet to try this brand, you’re in for a treat!



Here’s today’s favourites video!

That just leaves me to say my thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and colleagues past and present of David Bowie. I was shocked to hear the news of his passing this morning at age 69.  What a sad loss to the music industry.  Bowie’s music, stage presence and general style will remain a huge inspiration for many bands, artists and all his fans worldwide and I’m sure his legacy will live on.  Sleep well, Starman x



Beauty Tuesday: Essence Haul & Dupe Alert!

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Lately I’ve been collecting various bits and bobs for my next vacation and couldn’t resist a rummage around Dudley’s Wilkinson store.  

Continuing on my mission to downsize my luggage, I was after mini travel bottles, but the main attraction is the much extended Essence Cosmetics stand, my delight at finding the nail polish shades I thought I could only get on their site (, I came away with 3 beauties today.  Essence nail polishes, like the majority of the Easence cosmetics, are priced with the budget-savvy, thrifty fashionista in mind, without compromising on style and trend inches.  At £1.60, The Gel nail polishes come in a bottomless spectrum of shades and finishes, some shades are satin, matte and even “oil-slick.”  It’s hard to choose just one favourite shade!  The two I’m currently loving are Paradise, the Oil-Slick (Essence’s phrase for colour-flipping duochrome) seafoam blue-green which is flooded with a gold pearlescent shimmer.  I’ve never come across a nail colour so beautifully unique! 

Essence The Gel in Paradise, £1.60!

Let’s not forget Girl’s Best Friend, a light sanding of gold micro fine glitter which is intercepted with larger rocks of silver glitter.  Girl’s Best Friend is like a blingy, rocky beach trip for your nails!

Girl’s Best Friend, £1.60, Essence

I can’t help but notice it’s striking resemblance to Essie’s Hors d’Oveures, if you forgot what this one looked like, here’s a blast from the past, winter 2013 to be precise!

Essie Hors d’Oveures, £7.99, part of the Winter 2013 Encrusted Treasures collection.  

Just goes to show more purse-friendly brands like Essence are just as ahead of the beauty and nail trends as the likes of Essie and OPI, who’s polishes are way pricier.  

I couldn’t resist the temptation of spangly Effect nail polish in Hidden Garden, an eclectic party of gold glitter and multi-colour sparkles is just one of many Twinkling Bling Bling glitters, another mould-breaking nail trend, and Essence’s are a reasonable £2.00. 


Party in a bottle! Essence Hidden Garden, £2.00!

Over the last few years, the manicure market has been experiencing a massive creative boom with nail art pens, transfers, gel-polishes, glitter effects and much more, with social media and YouTube turning into the new trend alert magazines.  In 2015, more people now find it economically better to browse a make-up website or watch a tutorial than to buy a glossy magazine, so a budget friendly brand which doesn’t compromise on quality or style miles like Essence is excellent news for the industry, it makes the latest in beauty accessible to a lot more people looking to save a pretty penny!