Make-up Monday

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When it comes to those annoying skin imperfections – zits, under eye circles, redness, uneven skin tone – our first response is to channel our inner Elsa and “conceal, don’t feel.” A spot always pops up at the most inopportune moment, the day before a big interview, days before the wedding/party of the season, etc. So the quest for the ultimate cover-all is never ending.

Price, however isn’t everything. Maybelline’s £5.99 concealer broke the internet and the concealer YouTuber Zoella swears by is from Collection and is a purse friendly £4.19. You can camo up without breaking the bank.

A brand new budget concealer has hit drugstores and online, people all over the web can’t stop buzzing over Make-up Revolution’s Conceal & Define Concealer.

Not only does it come in 18 shades, (with more to come!), it’s also a rather convincing dupe for Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer. At £22, Shape Tape is not cheap, but Revolution’s Conceal & Define is less than a fifth of the price at £4.

With an oversized doe-foot applicator, full coverage and a matte finish that won’t settle in fine lines, it’s easy to see why Revolution’s newest concealer has been flying off the shelves at Superdrug. It’s this very formula and packaging that also makes it the closest contender for it’s predecessor, Tarte Shape Tape.

Don’t despair if your local drugstores have sold out of your shade, you can shop the shade range on the TAM Beauty web site!


Fragrance Friday

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Marc Jacobs has much extended his perfume portfolio since the inception of bestseller Daisy, which launched in 2007. Since the launch of lively, floral Daisy, the scent has produced an ever growing fleet of Daisies, and he didn’t stop there. Daisy Dream and Daisy Eau So Freah Eau De Toilettes arrived, ringing with them differing variations of the scents.

Daisy Dream Forever

Twinkle, the latest “lilac” version of Daisy is just as sunny and spirited as its predecessors. Twinkle’s inspiration is a shimmering oasis where the sun shines and the water glistens, Twinkle’s sparkling notes will transport you to a beautiful place full of endless sunshine and blooming flowers. Bright and playful, Twinkle encompasses floral green notes that host a colourful bouquet of both floral and fruity tones that embody the youthful energy that comes with spring and summertime.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle (centre), Daisy Twinkle Eau So Fresh (left) and Daisy Dream Twinkle (right)

Twinkle opens with a burst of wild berries and violet leaves, which calm down on a warm and sensual backdrop of creamy white woods.

The Daisy Dream Twinkle may be a tad less flamboyant in bottle top size, but what it lacks in plexi glass petals it seriously makes up for when it comes to pleasing one’s senses. It’s a delicious fruity floral, airy and whimsical, black cherry and white florals open to evoke spring freshness, a base of mouthwatering berry mousse lingers as it dries.

Daisy Eau So Fresh Twinkle is this Spring’s take on the original Daisy Eau So Fresh, and this pretty purple version doesn’t disappoint when it comes to bottle aesthetic, boasting a mix of shimmering lilac, gold and yellow daisies in differing sizes and positions to top off such a beautiful scent. Eau So Fresh Twinkle is luminous, vibrant and full of life. It radiates a blend of fruit and floral notes which is effervescent. Raspberry and violet flower intertwine with rose blossoms while Creme de cassis rounds out a sensual base.

Beauty Tuesday

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Anyone who has heard of cruelty free US brand BH Cosmetics knows they produce some of the most exceptional eyeshadow palettes, some of which seem to be constantly sold out on their website, which, to a lot of make-up junkies is a sure sign they’re some of the most sought after make-up collections.

BH’s latest crop of beautifully packaged palettes are destined to prove just as popular. Glam Reflections are 15 shaded eye palettes that are available in 3 colour combinations; Rose, Smokey and the hot pink packaged L’Amour palette, which boasts some beyond basic neutrals with romantic rosy undertones.

Smokey is full of matte and shimmery browns, sapphire and forest green shades. Creating a sultry, sexy smokey eye needn’t be restricted to just black. With the addition of some bold coppers and a shimmery pastel blue silver, Smokey is your one stop for some sizzling day and night looks.

Rose is heavily inspired by everyone’s love affair with anything rose gold. It’s still a firm colour favourite in many areas in 2018. Rose is the palette for you love more natural eye. Pale matte neutrals sit alongside shimmery taupe and chocolate brown hues. Rose, like the other Glam Reflection palettes, is a chocolate box of buttery smooth mattes and dazzling shimmers, with a high quality colour pay-off.

Fragrance Friday

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Mugler fragrances have some sort of starship connotations to them, and it’s not just names like Alien that give them their Sci-fi appeal. Mugler’s fragrance bottles have always been magnificent, from the crystalline edgy star that is Angel to the multi-faceted amethyst falcon that is Alien, and the space-age wonder of Angel Muse, beautiful bottles are what makes people give into the temptation of enchanting an enchanting perfume from Thierry Mugler.

If you thought Mugler’s bottles were something different, the scents inside the likes of Angel and Alien are voluptuous oriental gourmands, Angel is bursting with notes of patchouli, pineapple, red berries, praline and sandalwood. Angel’s fruity and chocolate-y notes ensure a sweet scent that isn’t overly floral or feminine whilst the patchouli keeps this fragrance as fresh and as light as air. Angel was the original “love it or hate it,” type of perfume, launched in 1992, it’s very much loved!

If you love a fragrance that takes you on a magical, mysterious trail, you’re bound to love the rich purple bottled Alien. Alien is the deepest floriental with notes of sambac jasmine, amber, white chocolate and wood which is an unusual scent combination but it works, the scent is bound to remind you of a mythical woody forest under the night sky.

Angel Muse is a newer addition to the Mugler family. Its bottle resembles a precious amber stone, which is embossed with an Angel star and wrapped in a protective armour of smooth silver. Chocoholics will have found their “muse” with this one, Angel Muse’s main sweet note is a huge hit of creamy hazelnut, garnished with red berry and lemon notes.

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, and like more of a savoury taste in scent, Mugler too thought of this upon the creation of Womanity. Womanity launched in 2010 and is described as a savoury, woody, green and animalic perfume which has been lent a fruity note thanks to a hint of fig. The savoury qualities in Womanity come from caviar, which, you wouldn’t think had a smell, but it’s what adds the “salt” to the mix. Womanity is a phenomenon in a pink tall bottle, created to celebrate the connections between women, the bottle is finished off with silver Art Deco freize figures of faces on the top of the bottle towards the lid, which is fastened to this beautiful structure with a chain. Mugler knew freize figures were beautiful in a gothic glam way and that’s why he wanted to depict them to represent women of all ages and generations.

Aura is another of Mugler’s less sweet creations that was launched only last year. It’s a woody aromatic combination of rhubarb leaf, orange blossom, tiger liana, bourbon vanilla and wolfwood. The almost unheard of notes are what makes Aura special. Aura is a mythical gem encased in a multi-faceted emerald green bottle which is sculpted to form a heart shape.

Make-up Monday

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It’s late January, at last, the longest month is nearly over, bar the final festive slump that is tax season. January’s commonly associated with many people feeling the Winter pinch, although there’s no season more perfect for adding some glimmer to your make-up routine, highlighter is probably the least of your priorities.

But, what’s this; wait. If you’re a fan of purse friendly drugstore brand Make-up Revolution, there’s some great news in store for you… £6 can afford you a versatile liquid highlighter in the newest formula. Liquid Highlighter by Revolution is a serious contender in terms of duping more expensive products, this lot is almost a straight up copy of Custom Enhancer Drops from Cover FX, which retail at £17.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

Revolution’s more affordable alternatives come in no less than seven celestial shades, and like most liquid highlighters on the market at the moment, are presented in a tall glass bottle that boasts a clear pipette dispenser.

Typically speaking, liquid highlighters take more time to apply and set, more so than powder and cream varieties, yet they’re great multitaskers and can go some way towards boosting or even replacing other items in your beauty stash. A few drops added to your foundation can add a pretty, subtle glow without giving you the intense Tin-Man face. Under make-up or mixed in with a body moisturiser, they offer that touch of radiance that adds a healthy radiant glow without being O.T.T.

There are 7 dreamy hues in the Revolution range of liquid highlighters…

Starlight: cool toned, bright silver pink that’s not for the faint hearted – it’s bold in both colour and sheen and suits all skin tones.

Unicorn Elixir: gritty, glitter laden, opalescent, and fun. Unicorn Elixir is multi-faceted and fun. It’s a glistening opal white shimmer full of ditsy lilac sparkles.

Rose Gold: One of, if not the deepest colour options in this line-up. Rose Gold delivers a warm glow and a hint of tint to the skin. It translated to almost liquid metal, high sheen, which won’t fade all day.

Luminous Gold: This is very similar to the Champagne hue. The difference is more of a prominent golden tone with a metallic finish.

Lustre Gold: Warm Gold, almost rose gold which is wonderfully pigmented and dreamy to apply. This looks good on medium to dark complexions, but may suit lighter complexions if worn in lieu of blush/bronzer.

Bronze Gold: Light gold, almost bronze toned that is not dissimilar to Champagne in texture or finish. Bronze Gold is slightly warmer and rose in tone, which isn’t prone to wearing away to a glittery finish.

Champagne: The ultimate light, cool toned gold which is bold in colour pay off and offers a metallic finish. As beautiful as this shade may be, you have to be careful not to overwork Champagne into the skin as it can become glittery once the initial pigment is buffed into the skin. This is a good dupe of Cover FX’s Custom Enhancer Drops in Sunlight.

Fragrance Friday

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Something exciting has launched for 2018 scent wise; if you’re a lover of floriental fragrances with a soft woody base and plenty of mystery about them, you won’t be able to hide your excitement about Blossom Special Edition!

Blossom Special Edition from Jimmy Choo is the first flanker of Jimmy Choo’s sparkling fragrance Blossom, which launched in 2015.

Blossom itself is the pink edition of Jimmy Choo’s original sparkling scent, Flash, which launched in 2013. Just like Flash, Blossom opens with plenty of red berry notes, however is lightened up with some red florals and a hint of lemon. Both fragrances boast the signature base of powdery white woods, which is also present in Jimmy Choo’s newest addition.

Blossom Special Edition opens with an assorted mix of citrus fruits, which replace the red berries of the original, frangipani is the floral heart instead of cyclamen.

Like Flash and Blossom, the bottle is beautifully designed and resembles the shapes of a sparkling strobe light. Blossom Special Edition is stylishly adorned with a gradient of peachy salmon-pink, a light, fresh hue for Spring 2018.

Blossom Special Edition is available in 40, 60 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.

Under The Sea … with Barry M!

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Barry M are banishing the January blues with a gorgeous range of holographic make-up. This latest collection from the cruelty free brand is so magical it should come with a parental warning: Holographic content with chances of turning into a mermaid.

The collection arrived in Boots on January 17, and is soon to arrive at Superdrug on January 31. The range starts from £3.99 with four enchanting nail paints, some of which aren’t unlike the unicorn inspired collection from Nails Inc, which are pricier. There are four shades to choose from: Pinktail, Angelfish, Jellyfish and Butterflyfish. They’re described as a treasure trove of aquatic wonders with each colour shifting shade resembling sparkling ocean waves and shimmering iridescent scales. They can be worn alone or layered over another colour to create a two-tone topcoat.

Slightly pricier at £4.99 are the four Eyeshadow Toppers. These have a cream formula which promise not to crack after applying. Barry M claim that these dreamy holographic hues can be worn on their own or over another eyeshadow to amp up reflection and cover your eyes in multi-dimensional, pearlescent sheen. There are four glimmering, jewel tones: Supernova, Asteroid, Stardust and Luna.

Lastly are four Holographic Lip Toppers. These are in non-sticky, spellbinding shades which are just begging to be Instagrammed. These are multi-chrome glosses which can be worn alone or over a favourite lipstick or lip pencil for that wet look, duo-chrome shine. These are £4.99 with four dreamy shades to choose from: Spellbound, Wizard, Mermaid and Hex.

If you love Barry M’s range of lippies, eyeshadows and nail colours, don’t forget to set a reminder on January 31! 🧜‍♀️ 📆